Own Your Negotiating, Own Your Life!

Learn to powerfully ASK for what you need!


Do you find it a challenge having your needs met?  

Are you consistently left not getting what you need from others in your life?

Do you avoid negotiating altogether?

You are not alone.

McCall Jones, Founder and CEO of the Institute for Adult Communication invites you to sign up to learn more about a special program:

Better Negotiating for a Better Life

An Online Video Series for Women


If you are committed to finding out how to more consistently have your needs and wants met by others at home, at work and with friends –  and have not been able to crack the code on your own, now there is HELP!!

The IAC specializes in revealing how our speaking is the most powerful tool we have for creating and managing our lives. This is especially true when it comes to our negotiating. We can create harmony or horrors, success for failure – all from inside our speaking.

Our video series, currently in production, has been designed to introduce women to the importance and power of negotiating and help support them in negotiating from their feminine power.

You will learn:

- How to produce powerful breakthroughs in your relationships by shifting your speaking – especially around the area of ASKING for what you want.

-  Why people say ‘no’ or ignore your current “requests”.

- What you can say that will IMMEDIATELY bring more “YES!” to you life.

- How to ASK for what you want and need in a way that dramatically raises the odds that you will get it.

- How to immediately apply what you have learned with confidence, grace and power!

We GUARANTEE that you will experience at least one BREAKTHOUGH in your communication that will dramatically shift the quality of your relationships that you can put to use IMMEDIATELY.

For a taste of what you can expect, see clips of McCall speaking about three of his core topics plus other insights!



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McCall Jones is a communications professional committed to helping men and women have the most positive and fulfilling personal and professional relationships possible. He has spent his career assisting global brands such as Japan Airlines, Canon, Lever Brothers, Warner Brothers, Relativity Media and others connect their offers with their audiences.  What he learned about effective communication in advertising, he now applies to training individuals and organizations in the art of powerful, connected communication.

He has studied masculine and feminine communication styles for a decade and began coaching others. He has helped hundreds of people have breakthroughs in the areas of relationships, career success, personal effectiveness, self-esteem and finding one’s life mission – ALL from helping people see the power of their communication adn speaking and how to harness that power to super charge their lives.

Learn more about IAC Founder McCall Jones:


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