The IAC Is on Your Team

The members and participants of the IAC are thinkers, feelers and growers. These seem to be the right ingredients to start with when one commits to the mission of the IAC: causing fulfilled lived through committed communication.

The Institute for Adult Communication (IAC) specializes in providing the tools to immediately improve communication with ourselves and others.


“My communication is just fine…Isn’t it?”

At first glance, our communication is “just fine”.  But look again.  When we consider our personal and professional relationships, “just fine” begins to crumble and reveal: parents or other relatives you have not spoken to in years, a spouse who “just doesn’t hear you”, a boss who does not appreciate you or your hard work.  Sound familiar? These are common and nearly universal breakdowns.

The IAC asserts that our communication is the most powerful tool we have to create and manage our lives. No other force in the long term has as great an impact on what our lives look like than our communication.  The IAC’s training reveals individual communication styles and clears pathways to achieving powerful, connected and effective communication.

IAC programs are designed to be easy to access, easy to learn from and are built so anyone can benefit no matter the state of their relationships.

The IAC was created to improve and support specific areas of our interpersonal communications. We have found that no matter what the nature of a given relationship, a major and general breakdown we all experience is in the manner we communicate with each other.

The quality of our lives is rooted in our effectiveness as communicators. For those who take seriously the need to continually invest in their skills with the intention of improving their lives, the IAC is here for you.

Generating Responsible Communication (TM)

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